OTTPlayer on Samsung Smart TV for Ukraine

OTTPlayer Samsung SmartTV

Dear Clients!

Yesterday (August 11, 2017) OTTPlayer was removed from the list of applications in the Ukrainian Samsung Apps store for the reason that the program is a tool for viewing pirated content. We will not discuss this statement. What is done is done.

OTTPlayer Samsung Smart TV installation

What’s next?

Install the player in the usual way is no longer possible.

But do not despair. There are several ways to get your favorite player back to your TV.

And so, if you have a TV

  1. Samsung SmartTV D, E, F and H series:
    You can use the archive to install the player in manual mode. Detailed installation instructions for each of the TV series on the OTT Player official site .
  2. Samsung SmartTV J Series (this method is suitable for all models!)
    OTTPlayer can be launched directly from the browser. To do this, you need to register in the address bar:
    – or – – the updated program interface will open
    – or –
  3. Samsung SmartTV K, M, and Q Series
    Using the Tizen Studio developer package, install OTTPlayer using the following archive . Instructions for installing applications through Tizen Studio can also be found on the Internet.
  4. Also, launching OTTPlayer is possible through third-party applications, such as: ForkPlayer and XSmart.
    OTTPlayer is one of the most convenient and versatile players for IPTV channels for Smart TVs.We hope this article will help to restore OTTPlayer on Samsung Smart TV.

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