20 November 2018

OTT Player for Smart TV


  1. Find and install OTT Player from the app store (Samsung Apps (ATTENTION! How return OTT Player on Samsung ) or LG Store, Sony, Philips)

  2. Launch the OTT Player widget

  3. The initial screen of the program appears on the screen. In the upper right corner, click on the “Settings” button (Options)
     OTTPlayer v.2.0 Initial screen

  4. In the respective fields “Login” and “Password” enter the login and password received from the support service to access the playlist and press the “Return” button on the TV remote control to save the settings.


  5. After that, you need to set the device name (any, of your choice):

     OTTPlayer v.2.0 Device Name  OTTPlayer v.2.0 Device name

  6. At this stage, the support service will add a playlist to your device. You need to click the Update button to apply the settings. If you did everything right, a playlist with TV channels should appear on the main screen.  OTTPlayer v.2.0 Add playlist


  7. When you open the playlist, you will see a list of channels with a TV program. The list can be ordered by name or by number, as well as create your own list of favorite channels. The playlist display can be changed in the settings – tile or list.  OTTPlayer v.2.0 Channels - List < / a>


  8. Setup complete. Now you can watch TV channels on your SMART TV.