20 November 2018

Setting the correct time on consoles MAG, Aura HD

Often, users of smart TV consoles from the company “Infomir” are faced with the problem of time mismatch on IPTV-consoles of real time of the corresponding time zone. In this case, the required time zone may be correctly selected in the settings, but the time is still incorrectly displayed. This leads to the fact that TV program may not be displayed correctly , someone may use a timer for delayed recording, etc. You must specify the NTP server.

This is required in the firmware MAG-200/250/256, Aura HD


  • Enter System Preferences by pressing the Setup, Services or SET button on the remote control (Depends from the version of the remote control)

     Control panel mag250


    • Select Servers

    • In the NTP server field, enter the address of the NTP server (for Ukraine, ua.pool.ntp.org ) To open the keyboard, press the button with the image of a keyboard on the remote control

    • Confirm OK