Internet television (IPTV / OTT)
over 100 TV channels


What is the difference from other providers?
Go to Over 1300 TV channels

Over 1300 TV channels

Digital quality (European TV channels, TV1000, Discovery, National Geographic, Eurosport, football, music, children’s channels);

Go to TV Archives

TV Archives

Archive TV channels with a depth of 2 weeks on the TOP channels (rewind-pause and request-watching programs that are recorded and stored on archive servers)

Go to Multilingual


The ability to switch the language of the channel while watching!

Go to 300 channels in Full HD

300 channels in Full HD

Watch your favorite TV shows in excellent FullHD quality, as well as UHD channels !!!

What is iptv/ott

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask
A new generation of television!

Internet only is needed

IPTV is a new generation of television! You have a great opportunity to watch more than 1000 TV channels on your TV! We ourselves form a list of channels, keep them in working condition so that you can watch your favorite TV shows in high quality without difficulties and with great pleasure, even without an on-air television antenna or satellite dish.

The offer is ideal for new houses in which air TV is not yet in place; for homes / apartments that only have high-speed Internet access. Your TV (or set-top box) should only be connected to the Internet and you can watch over 1000 TV channels in excellent quality!

Our digital TV includes a package of channels previously available only to subscribers of satellite TV. Both on the computer monitor without additional devices, and on the TV screen with the use of a set-top box for TVs with the SMART TV function. 50% of channels are provided in English. The portal service can be installed on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The ability to access content from mobile devices anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet - SmartTV portal works with any of the providers.

  • The ability to view anywhere in the world!

  • Watch channels on SmartTV, Android, MAG, Aura HD, U2C devices, Dune hd

  • Excellent image quality (Full HD) and sound (Dolby Digital), stable broadcasting. The possibility of lowering the bitrate for users with bad Internet

  • No need to install additional antennas and cable pulling


How to connect

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